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Fletcher / AMP Equipment

Fletcher / AMP Equipment

Mat Cutters

Fletcher 2200

Fletcher 2200 Mat Cutter
The Fletcher 2200 is a professional level mat cutter ideal for creating bevels and producing V-Grooves in matboard up to 4-ply. The 2200 features a dual cutting feature for matboard specialty cutting or a 90° cutting feature for sizing matboard or cutting of foamboard up to 1/2” (13mm).  Folkgraphis carries the Fletcher 2200 in two sizes, 48” (1.2m) or 60” (1.5m).

Material Cutters

Fletcher 3000 - 60"

Fletcher 3000 Material Cutter
The Fletcher 3000 has a 3-position cutting turret containing a glass scoring wheel, scoring tip for scoring acrylic materials and a cutting blade for substrate materials up to 1/4”.  The 3000 can handle material sheets up to 60” high.

Fletcher 3100 - 63"

Fletcher 3100 Material Cutter
The Fletcher 3100 is designed for versatility with an interchangeable cutting head platform that uses multiple cutting blades, scoring tips and cutting wheel holders. This unit can handle material sheets up to 65” high and also features an acrylic breakout function.

Fletcher FSC - 65"

Fletcher FSC
The Fletcher FSC is a heavy-duty cutter designed with an interchangeable head that uses multiple cutting blades, scoring tips and cutting wheel holders. The FSC handles material sheets up to 65” high and includes a laser sight line, a V-Groove Cutting Tool used with ACM materials, and a twin handle cutting head for operator control.
The Titan has a dual-position cutting head for easy switching between cutting and trimming different materials without changing blades. This unit Mounts on a tabletop or stand for shop mobility. Offered at Folkgraphis in sizes from 40” up to 120”.

Joining Machines / Underpinners

Not sure which underpinner to choose for your joining application? Click here for the AMP_Joiner_Selection Guide

Mitre Mite - U200 (Manual)

Fletcher AMP U-200
The U-200 is an entry-level frame assembly machine for any small retail operation. As a fully manual machine, it requires no air or electrical power to operate. This unit allows you to bring the joining operation in-house for cost control and quick customer turn-a-around.

Mitre Mite - U300

Fletcher AMP U-300
The U-300 is a bench top, base model for production joining applications for speed and repetition of joining the same sized moulding. View on YouTube

Mitre Mite - U400
w/ Stand (Pneumatic)

AMP U-500
U-400 is ideal for joining large frames up to 5 ½” wide. The unit can be operated from front or back and has a pneumatic foot pedal to clamp and secure moulding. The U-400 allows the operator to change V-Nail size using an interchangeable metal magazine channel. This feature eliminates the added purchased cost of plastic nail cartridges.

Mitre Mite - U500
w/ Stand Production Joiner (Pneumatic)

U-500 memory programmed single channel machine is designed for production joining.  Joining operations requiring the use of a single sized V-Nail for high production output – memory programmed for frame profile recall.  Will join up to 300 frames per hour based on 3 positions per corner, single v-nail insertion per position.

Mitre Mite - U600
w/ Stand (Pneumatic)

The U-600 is the most advanced frame joining machine commonly used for picture framing, canvas stretcher bars and mirror frame joining. This machine is ideal for high production facilities that require flexibility for different sized V-Nail fasteners or a common mm size  for V-Nail capacity through a market unique configurable channel feature. With profile data storage of 5,000 different frames.