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Down to the fine details and finishing touches.

Each step in the custom framing process is important, and the smallest details make a difference. Folkgraphis is proud to carry Western Canada’s largest selection of wholesale supplies for the custom framing industry.

Equipment & Supplies Catalogue

Framing Consumables

The must-haves. A selection of everything consumed in the custom framing process including bumpers, points, V-nails, joining accessories and packaging materials.


Hanging Hardware & Metal Frame Hardware

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Mounting & Laminating

Mount artwork and images easily with a dedicated selection of drymount tissue, laminating film and both pressure and heat activated mounting products.


Stay sharp with cutting blades for an array of tools and uses, from suppliers including Fletcher, Gunnar and C&H.

Glues, Tapes & Adhesives

Bond your materials with confidence using wood and fabric mount glues, single and double-sided tapes, and a selection of adhesives from brands including 3M, Maxim, Kool Tack and Lineco.

Glazing Accessories

Ensure proper care of glazing materials with a selection of handling and cleaning products.

Backing Paper & Accessories

The finishing touches. Backing paper is available in various roll sizes in brown, black, white and light grey (archival).

Art Materials

Illustration boards, Copic markers and other supplies used in the art industry.

Plaque Mounting

Plaque Mounting

Create a modern look and protect your artwork with this sleek frameless option.
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