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3A Composites

3A Composites - FOME-COR Collection

3A FOME-COR Collection

Regular - Bright White Clay-coated

Regular Fome-Cor
FOME-COR with ENCORE TECHNOLOGY provides a recovery foam specially formulated for increased resiliency in order to retain its original shape and resist denting.

Acid Free - White & Black

3A Acid Free Fome-cor
3A Acid Free FOME-COR provides a smooth surface for superior mounting and framing results. The high-quality, paper facers developed for mounting & framing applications ensure a rigid and flat backer material, and the acid-free facers make FOUNDATION an ideal solution for archival and preservation mounting applications.

Singlestep - Heat Activated

3A Singlestep
FOME-COR SINGLESTEP simplifies the mounting process by eliminating the need to apply any hot melt tissue stock or other forms of adhesive to the surface before mounting. Activated with low-heat settings, this lightweight foam board is an ideal solution for any projects requiring high-quality mounting results.