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Nielsen Metal Moulding

Why Choose Nielsen Metal?


Aluminum will not warp, shrink or twist. Perfect for large sized images, humid conditions and commercial applications.


Aluminum does not outgas or contain acids, eliminating the need to seal the rabbet when doing conservation framing.


Whether it’s bold colours, contemporary profiles or traditional finishes, Nielsen is always in style.

Nielsen Branded

With over 25 profiles, and more than 85 distinct colours, Nielsen offers the largest selection of high-quality aluminum frames in the industry.


Nielsen Catalog


An economical version of Nielsen’s most popular profiles, the OEM series is perfect for bulk orders and commercial use.

Backloader Frames

OEM Backloader Frames are available in from Folkgraphis in packages of 6 and 12 in both Matte Black  (21) and Frosted Silver (02). Click the the link below to find out more!
Metal Backloader Brochure

What's New?

Nielsen Backmount Moulding